Consulting Services

Patti Lind consults with individuals and businesses on communication skill development. She tailors her approach to each client's unique situation, assessing the chief problem areas and creating an action plan to address communication issues. This action plan may include training, facilitation, and coaching.

Communication Training

The ability to effectively communicate is a critical skill that all team members should possess. Patti frequently consults with clients on these topics:

  • Essential Communication Skills
  • Listening When it is Difficult to Listen
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Facilitating Effective Meetings
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Dealing with Difficult Situations
  • Maintaining Motivation


Due to a variety of circumstances, a group may have lost trust in its ability to resolve conflicts through communication. Members of the team may be refusing to speak with one another, there may be inappropriately placed anger, there may be problems with rampant gossip. In these situations, additional guidance is needed to allow the group to begin communicating again.

As a teambuilding consultant, Patti works with each client to identify the activities and conversations that would most benefit the team. She is skilled at setting people at ease and ensuring a non-threatening, respectful experience for everyone present.

Relationship and Individual Skill Development

Occasionally one individual has trouble integrating within a team. In this situation, Patti consults with the team to assess the driving force behind the conflicts. She then provides recommendations to supervisors, meets with the individuals one-on-one, and, if appropriate, facilitates conversations to help resolve conflicts.

Patti also works with individuals on improving their communication and leadership skills. She consults with clients on holding effective meetings, communicating effectively with employees, and successfully handling conflicts.

Meeting Facilitation

A successful meeting is one where the participants remain focused and engaged. Disruptive behavior, several dominating participants, or low participation can easily render a meeting useless.

Patti works with clients to keep meetings on track and on schedule. She can help facilitate everything from typical work meetings, to conflict resolution sessions, to retreats.

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